Workplace Relations Lawyers

A Perth employment lawyer can help you in many ways. As with most legal matters, it is important to find someone in your state to help you. Whether you live in Mandurah, Rockingham, Midland or Joondalup, we may be able to help you understand this area and to whom you can turn for advice.

What Is It?

Anything to do with the relationship between a boss and a worker, or between colleagues, is covered within the umbrella of employment law. This includes cases such as:

  • unfair dismissal
  • workers compensation
  • sexual harassment
  • discrimination in the workplace
  • restraint of trade
  • redundancy
  • industrial relations

If you have a complaint against someone in your workplace, or someone has brought an adverse action against you, it is wise to seek professional legal advice.

Anything you read on this site is intended as a guide only and does not constitute legal advice. In Western Australia, you should only get legal advice from a practicing lawyer. However, you can use websites like this to further your investigations before you commit to one particular law firm.

Whom Does It Affect?


Workplace law covers most places of business. It may not necessarily apply if you are an independent contractor. But if you’re getting a salary and the courts agree you’re an employee, then you are affected by employment laws.

If you are ever the subject of a complaint, it is often best to deal with it quickly. Sometimes all the other person wants is an apology and for you to not do it again. Workplaces are by their nature a difficult place to be. There is always going to be some interpersonal issues, where one person is used to doing things one way and another is used to doing it another way. Like any interpersonal relationship, if you let problems fester, they’re only going to get worse.

What Can You Do?

If someone in your workplace is annoying you, think about whether or not you can just ask them to stop. It might seem a silly thing to suggest, but what if they genuinely didn’t know they were being annoying? One short conversation and it’s dealt with. Try not to be confrontational about it or you might cause them to do it even more just to spite you. You might be best served by waiting until you are calm. Maybe set a reminder so that you don’t rush in all hot and bothered.

There are times when the best course of action isn’t to confront the other person. For example, doing so might put your job at risk. If you think this might be the case, it is strongly suggested you look for a law firm which specialises in workplace relations. You can explain your situation to them and they will be able to set out your options and possible ramifications. Another benefit to this is that you will then have a record of the issue before hand, which will stand you in good stead if the issue does get out of hand and you find yourself fighting to keep your job.

In summary, don’t use anything on the internet as anything other than initial research. The best course of action is to look up an employment lawfirm in Perth (or whichever city you’re in) and get solid, personal advice from an expert.